Share Your Care

Thursday, September 29, 2016 , Permalink 1



After years of giving back to the community, City Furniture wanted to hear what its Associates were passionate about. So at the annual Benefits Fair this August, we unveiled the “Share Your Care” booth. Associates were encouraged to enter their favorite charity into a drawing to win a $500 donation in their name. The positive response was so overwhelming that the suggestions bucket was overflowing with entries!

“We had to get refills [of paper] multiple times,” said Caitlin Maribona, who manned the booth. “I feel that shows the giving nature of our employees.”

There was a wide variety of charities suggested, with entries ranging from cancer charities to others that focused on helping animals. For Associates who knew that they wanted to give back, but weren’t sure which charity to suggest, there was a list of A-rated organizations at the booth to help them choose. At the end of the fair, Resolutions Supervisor Abby Ellie’s favorite charity, March of Dimes, was randomly selected to receive the $500 donation.

“City Furniture has charities that we’ve worked with time and again,” said Caitlin said, “but we really wanted to focus on the ones that mean the most to our Associates.”

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