Classroom Makeover

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Permalink 1

While home design is City Furniture’s specialty, every so often we’re able to bring our expertise to a special space—and one such opportunity came early this fall through the Embrace Girls Foundation.

A non-profit organization that promotes young girls to be healthy, confident, and educated, the Embrace Girls Foundation provides tutoring, leadership training, and a variety of other tools for success.

On this particular endeavor, Embrace Girls reached out to City Furniture to request a classroom makeover for Arcola Lake Elementary School in Miami. Under the stylish direction of designers Robert Ruiz and Susan Brudzinski, as well as the expert work led by Heriberto Morales and his team members Guido Marin, Jose Fuentes, Patricio Mena, Juan Arteaga, and Michael Schlusser, in one week the dedicated group transformed the lackluster classroom into an inspiring environment.

From cheery pink walls to motivational artwork, the results were dramatic and left principal Dr. Hannah touched. With a goal to give the underprivileged children at her school the same opportunities as children at other schools, she says “I’m happy and excited they have a place to call home, a place to learn, and a place that is breathtaking.”

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